Example Worlds (Play Live)

You can visit and play live on the three example worlds that accompany this book thanks to our friends at Akliz Hosting.

Akliz offers Minecraft server hosting that accommodates any play style, from Bukkit and Spigot, to Technic Platform and FTB packs, and to many others.  Their hand-crafted software, experienced support, and gaming-optimized infrastructure all work together to make running your Minecraft server as simple and enjoyable as possible so you can focus on what’s most important, playing the game!

To visit the main example world for Minecraft Mastery, just fire up Minecraft and then click on Multiplayer, then Add Server. Here, you will need to add the server address as shown below:

adding server

Hit Done and then double-click on that server in the list to connect to the server.


If this does not work, then you probably have firewall problems. You need to set your router to allow TCP and UDP on port 25565. This will be different for whatever type of router you have.

The two other example worlds require the ComputerCraft and qCraft mods to be installed on your Minecraft so that they can match the worlds on the server. But after that, just make a new server entry in Multiplayer as before.

Use the server minecraftmastery2.g.akliz.net for the ComputerCraft example world and minecraftmastery3.g.akliz.net for the qCraft world.

Please explore and have fun! You will find sign posts telling you which part of the book the contraptions are from. Matt and I will be roaming the world occasionally, please say hello if you see us!